Stats of your Design Visa

TBA / Density / C Int / P Ver are all stats of your design visa. Short description:

TBA is the Total Build Area of all the floors of the basic and supplementary construction on and above the terrain, including the entire areas of balconies, loggias and terraces in the above the ground floors calculated by their outer outlines. The TBA does NOT include:

  • The floors below the terrain.
  • The built areas in the under-roof spaces of buildings, provide they are storage rooms.

Density of the construction is the ratio of the [sum of the built areas of all the basic and supplementing constructions in the plot (BA)] to the [area of the plot] – expressed by percent.

Intensity of the construction is the ratio of the [TBA of all the buildings in the land plot] to the [area of the plot] – expressed by absolute number.

Percent of green land of the plot (P Ver) is the ratio of the [area under the natural vegetation] to the [area of the plot] – expressed by percent.

Formulas and an Example (let’s assume we have the following information on our visa):

  • The area of the land plot is 300 sq. m.
  • We are allowed 50% density
  • We are allowed 2.5 C Int
  • We have P Ver no less than 30%


We want to find the allowed TBA and the BA of our future building. This means that:


BA/300 = 50/100 => BA = 150 => our building could be erected on a maximum of 150sq.m.

TBA/300 = 2.5 => TBA = 750 => the total build area will have a maximum of 750 sq. m.

P Ver/300 = 30/100 => P Ver = 90 => we must have at least 90 sq. m. of vegetation (green land) in the land plot.

Design Visa

Issued by:

Respective municipal administration based on the current detailed plan development plan (DDP) and is signed by the chief architect of the municipality for a specific regulated landed property (RLP).


  • To allow the designing of the regulated landed property (by defining the means and the type of development and/or the development possibility in accordance to the building rules and the legislation)
  • To certify that a landed property exists and that it is regulated (and according to an acting DDP it has defined boundaries, size, characteristics, access to the property, designation, etc.)

It Has the Following Parameters:

  • Exact name of the site;
  • Name of the owner;
  • Ownership document;
  • Location;
  • Type of development and designation of the building;
  • Maximum permissible value required;
  • Measures and distances of the developing;
  • Architectural, planning, ecological, infrastructural and the information for usage of water, energy and other resources;
  • Necessary documents that have to be produced by the contractor or the owner.

Necessary Documents:

  • Application form (2 copies)
  • Ownership document copy
  • Motivated proposal or a sketch proposal (if necessary)
  • Neighbours’ agreement verified by a Notary Public (when supplementing building up takes place under art. 21, p 2 of the Spatial Development Act /SDA/).

Issue Time: 14 days;

Validity: 6 months. Afterwards it is a subject of revalidation;

What Happens Next:

After getting a design visa, you can start working with an architect and start preliminary contracts for joining the power and water supply networks;

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